1. Four Easy & Interesting Tips for Success

    They say an organized style of living is a mandatory requirement for Success. Some people naturally seemed to be more organized than others. Some every often ask others, how do you stay so organized?

    Fine. What if being organized doesn’t come naturally? Are you guys pretty messy ones innately disorganized but wish to become organized? Then here are some effective possible tips. Swear you, getting organized won’t be a daunting task. It’s a sort of system game. You can make it.

    Plan Ahead

    Planning ahead will make you so comfortable when you face the actuals.
    It includes:
    1 Prioritize the tasks to be done.
    2 Make To-do Lists accordingly.
    3 Schedule them to achieve the
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  2. Legen-diary gift for all seasons

    Gifting needs no occasion yet some special occasions demand it. Whatever be the occasion gifting brings happiness and gifts uplift our spirits.

    As far as corporate gifts are concerned they are given out to recognize the employees and clients for their magnanimous contribution in achieving the business goals; to motivate them to do better than before while patting them for their success.

    Under such milieu smarter choice of corporate gifts can do wonders. Who knows it can even help bring out new perspectives. They say that the thought matters more than the gift. But thoughtful gift matters the most. While gifting, ensure that beauty and utility should go hand in hand to sta

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  3. New Trends in Wedding

    Weddings have evolved tremendously and every year they bring in new trends to track. Modern weddings are all about experience and exuberance. Couples want to live each and every moment of their special day and wish to preserve and cherish them forever.

    My wedding my style is the new tagline of the millennials. Destination, décor dining, entertainment - every facet of the celebration is now couple oriented, adorned with more and more personalized elements than ever before. So obviously brides and grooms are looking for newer ideas to add in the usual ceremonies to entertain and enthrall the guests and make their dream day the most thrilling and unforgettable. Hey Guys! Are yo

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  4. ALMANACS fit the corporate gifting bill

    Calendars the best choice for gifting clients

    Certain things will make both the ends feel elated and happy, gifting is one of that sort. First, it is enjoyed by the giver who revels in the pleasure of giving something special and then by the receiver who too relishes for being noteworthy. Of course, while it feels good to be on the receiving end, there’s a feeling of self-gratification when you are the one who is doing the giving. Further, gifting fortifies the rapport and fastens the bond among people personally and professionally. The gift always reminds the recipient how special and significant you are to the giver and provides the latter a more self- fulfilling experienc
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  5. Mitigating carbon foot print the Miyawaki way

    The scary cries about the escalating effects of greenhouse emissions and the question of our planet’s survival against the impending climate apocalypse (which is headed our way sooner than one thought) are among the top global issues that hit the headlines quite some time ago. Even as researchers across the globe are pulling their hair out and finding various means to save the earth from breaking point, one thing they unanimously concede: planting has mind-blowing potential to tackle climatic crisis. Studies show a trillion trees could be planted to capture huge amount of carbon-dioxide and therefore significant rises in tree planting need to happen quickly if other targets to cut carbon are not met. With go green measures made compulsory

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  6. Cute and Colourful ways to Personalize Wedding

    Of late, personalization is the buzz word doing rounds in Indian weddings and modern couples opt to curate their dream day on their own by adding more personal hues to make their wedlock the most memorable and unique. Of course, with Indian marriages, many elements still stick the traditional route,breaking the customs, convincing the families would not be such an easy task yet millennial brides and groomslove to redefine the traditional wedding by adding personal pizzazz. Hey, prospective brides as well as grooms, are you keen to design a one-of-a-kind wedding and looking for ways and means to make the big day bespoke, here are some unique ideas f

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  7. Six mistakes couples do while designing wedding invitation

    Inarguably, the credit for kick-starting any event goes to Invitation card. Besides giving a grand opening to any ceremony it also imparts firsthand information about the event to the guests. However, when it comes to wedding, it provides an auspicious start, sets the tone and showcases the beauty of the entire event. So obviously couples would be keen on making the first look of their special day something extraordinary and impressive that it should bring in the wow factor and must leave everyone in awe, creating an everlasting impact. When you guys put your heads together, pouring a lot of time in sculpting each and every aspect of yo

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  8. Budget Wedding

    This is a universal truth. Simple or grand, big or small, a wedding is always a wedding. Probably the biggest lifetime party one will ever throw and of course, can cost a quite hefty chunk of change. Coming to Indian marriages, grand, vivacious and over-the-top synonymous to an Indian wedding. Jam-Packed weeklong celebrations full of fun, festivities, feast, music, dance, countless ceremonies, and rituals - all of them undoubtedly make it a costly affair and none could escape from it. Indeed, wedding expenses are skyrocketing. So, cutting corners without compromising its quality poses a big challenge. No worries, my dear to be brides and grooms, you can make it. What you require is a small dosa

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  9. Common Elements in Indian Weddings

    India being a land of varied culture there is no surprise that Indian weddings are marked by a lot of customs and traditions. For sure Indian marriages are a spectacular manifestation of its rich cultural heritage.

    Wedding fads change with each passing day. What is trendy today perhaps outdated tomorrow yet certain ingredients are there which can’t be modified or ignored as they form the quintessence of the whole event. Of course Indian weddings are always an epitome of fun, frolic and glam along with longstanding traditions and rituals which makes them unique.

    The journey begins right from choosing wedding invites as they are the mar

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  10. Wedding Checklist every Bride & Groom Need to Know

    Few life time moments are so close to heart that they should recognize by special expressions. The moments of nuptial bliss are no exception. Conducting marriage, really a Herculean task isn’t? Whether it is a small, simple wedding, a destination wedding, a modern marriage or an elegant and pompous one, Indian marriages are always a grand affair and held with great gusto and fervor. It would be the most awaited moment not only for a bride & groom but for everybody including the family members, friends and relatives in their own respective perspective. So, obviously the responsibility of getting everything done in an organized fashion would be a constant cause of concern

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