This is a universal truth. Simple or grand, big or small, a wedding is always a wedding. Probably the biggest lifetime party one will ever throw and of course, can cost a quite hefty chunk of change. Coming to Indian marriages, grand, vivacious and over-the-top synonymous to an Indian wedding. Jam-Packed weeklong celebrations full of fun, festivities, feast, music, dance, countless ceremonies, and rituals - all of them undoubtedly make it a costly affair and none could escape from it. Indeed, wedding expenses are skyrocketing. So, cutting corners without compromising its quality poses a big challenge. No worries, my dear to be brides and grooms, you can make it. What you require is a small dosage of creativity and smartness to make your Big Day class apart. Here are some guidelines which would enable you to draft an intelligent budget that makes your ceremony an opulent affair at an affordable wedding cost.

Fix wedding outlay

Finance is the core of any event. So discuss with your family members and finalize your budget range for your lifetime event.

Budget break-ups

Split up your budget and attach a prescribed amount to each and every facet of your wedding. This includes traditional ceremonies as well as dining, décor, entertainments, shopping and other rents.

Now prioritizing game starts

What next? Prioritization comes into play. Give precedence to what's important to YOU. List out them so that by compromising in some areas you can afford to splurge on others.

Early bird catches the worm

Another crucial thing is to start and plans everything as early as possible. Be it venue or wedding cards or catering, all your scouting and bookings must be done well in advance to minimize your budget effectively. Last-minute rush would land up in mess.

Clubbing Events can cut down cost considerably

Hosting all pre-wedding ceremonies and other functions individually will dig deep into your pocket. Instead of combining sangeet with Mehandi during late afternoons or early evenings at home can help you save your money. The fun and frolic would be there without spending too much. So, Clubbing ceremonies is the best choice.

Wise choice of Venue makes you a money winner

The venue usually creates the biggest dent in your budget. Booking venues should be done well in advance for getting cheaper deals. It is well and good if they are close to your residence thus help cutting down transportation expenses. Make sure to work with local vendors rather than a high end in- house ones. Also, consider alternate, pocket-friendly wedding locations like temples, local marriage halls or charity hall or even outdoor spaces. For sure, Right choice of the venue makes you a budget bash winner.

Wedding Invites, be ready to design

Another prime area is wedding invites. Here you can stick on to your budget by making clever options because umpteen choices are there. A wide range of invites from traditional to trendy, elegant to desi all at affordable prices. Many feel e-invites are cheaper but elder guests, close relatives may feel honored if they are invited formally and personally. You can also approach card manufacturers directly to get good deals. Besides, you can design yourself and get them printed at a low price. Remember, Hindu weddings consist of multiple events and so loads of info to be printed in an invite. Separate cards for each event or placing leaflets that are up to you to decide. Look for simple, cost-effective yet exquisite and elegant.

Preserve Precious Moments in précised way

Capturing cherishing lifetime moments are inevitable ones. However, both photography and videography can burn a mega hole in your purse. And the only way one can save up here is by choosing freelancers or amateurs instead of professionals, but surely after reviewing them. Go for trial, test and then finalize. Not only do they charge reasonably, but they also bring fresh concepts to the board. Preferring a digital album to a physical one too can save some bucks. Think smarter to deliver better.

Shopping Solutions

Shopping wedding accessories, of course, can take a heavy toll on your budget. Off-season purchase, relying on wholesale shopping for closet, trousseau and even jewelry can save up substantially. You can also pick them from local vendors at competitive prices. Another option is you can rent it.

Delicious Delicacies

An Indian wedding without delectable food? No way. Food and Feast are cardinal in a wedding ceremony. Here cost-cutting would not work but be prudent to stay within limits. Don’t go overboard with the cuisine. Instead of lavishing in exotic dishes go for simple, heirloom and delicious menu. It is better to serve lip-smacking ones to your guests rather than confusing them to choose what to eat. Keep buffet-style to avoid wastage. Make sure that you don’t compromise quality over quantity. Finally, forget not, apart from being stupendous, an Indian wedding is tangible proof of the socio-economic status of a family. To make it splendid or keeping things minimal all depends on your financial status. However, having a budget wedding doesn’t mean that you should keep things modest. Showcase your creativity in every aspect of your wedding and make it gorgeous. It’s true that creativity starts when you cut a zero from your budget.