Marriages are like fingerprints. Each one is different and each one is beautiful and unique in its own way. Undoubtedly, every couple yearns to make their special day more magnificent, memorable and extraordinary one. Needless to say that, Wedding Invites take the pride of place in any marriage planners list. Of course, the fervor of the grand day begins with the distribution of wedding cards. In Indian marriages, wedding invites hold enormous significance as they are considered symbols of pride and prestige besides offering an aesthetic, grand and noteworthy kick start to the auspicious occasion. The invites are much more than a piece of paper, in fact, they are tiny packages of the couples’ personality and love that invite the guests to the big event and convey them the overall feel and tone of their dreamy day. The crux of the whole event is viewed via wedding cards. So it is a universal truth that every couple wishes their marriage invitation to be exquisite, expressive and stand out from the lot. But How?? Fret not, here are some tips and secrets.

Pre Requisites

  • Make guests list. Enlist who’s who attendees for the functions associated with marriage. Finalize it as early as possible.
  • Do a thorough research by surfing various online invitation stores. You can visit them in person too.
  • Make sure if you need separate cards for each ceremonies or one for all.
  • Collect all essential background details including printing, paper quality, typography…
  • Once venue date and time get fixed search for a perfect card maker.

Look for an apt Invite Maker

  • Scout for an appropriate wedding card maker who could visualize your vision and create magic by feeling your vibes thus giving a perfect opening to your conjugal ceremony.
  • Spend some quality time with your card designer. Communicate your requirements and expectations. Everything, from color of the invite to its calligraphy, from dimension to design and from crafting the content to checking for spellings matters before finalizing the look and feel of your invitation as you wish. 

Define your Style

  • Trendy or traditional, Ethnic or Exotic, Funny or quirky ….. umpteen choices are available. Strike the right chord with the help your card designer.
  • For instance elegant couples go for minimalistic and simple. The color theme and design they opt for would mirror lot of grace and complementing tones. If the couples are traditional, they would prefer cultural and ethnic touch to their invite. Whatever be, better adhere to your personal preferences and style to make it contemporary all the way.

Creativity has no Boundaries

  • Once the mood, design, typefaces and the information that has to be displayed in the invite are done, start embellishing the cards with decorative elements to make it idealistic one.
  • Some simple extra decoration like tying the invitation set with long banners or placing motifs that matches the design and style of your wedding will make your invitation look gorgeous.
  • Some funny poems, attaching some pleasing gifts, spreading fragrance and sweetness along with invites would make the invitees mesmerizing and spell bound

Different is always classy. Discover endless ways to be classy with Lovely cards and make your D-Day the most memorable one.