Inarguably, the credit for kick-starting any event goes to Invitation card. Besides giving a grand opening to any ceremony it also imparts firsthand information about the event to the guests. However, when it comes to wedding, it provides an auspicious start, sets the tone and showcases the beauty of the entire event. So obviously couples would be keen on making the first look of their special day something extraordinary and impressive that it should bring in the wow factor and must leave everyone in awe, creating an everlasting impact. When you guys put your heads together, pouring a lot of time in sculpting each and every aspect of your wedding invitation to make it picture-perfect some trivial errors could mar all your efforts and spoil your dream day. So my dear soon to be wedded ones whether you want to announce your nuptial day with panache and style or by quirky notes or whatever manner be sure to make it error-free to avoid embarrassments. A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether. Hello! Wise ones, here are some hacks to prevent invitation mishaps.

CHECK, CHECK, CHECK with Fresh Eyes

Ensure that you have proofread your card minimum ten to fifteen times and with different eyes as fresh eyes spot mistakes a lot faster. The thing is tiny errors can detract from the overall design and the purpose of wedding stationery. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or incorrect dates, though may seem trivial but can completely ruin the entire charm of your marriage invite. Again hurry burry checking is not advisable. Check word by word before your card goes for final output. Imagine if your wedding falls on Sunday, July 28 but the card says Saturday, July 28. OMG!! No other go, you have to reprint your marriage card-a huge time and money sink. By being thorough with reviewing your wedding invitation wording you can save yourself money and time. So Proof Read in and out to avoid these follies. An additional tip. Get a hard copy invitation to review. Many people find checking a hard copy more comfortable than something on the computer.

Give me more… that extra cards

Ordering the wrong number of wedding cards is another silly mistake but creates a huge embarrassment. Plenty of couples go to card shop requesting some extra copies after placing orders citing reasons that they have miscounted the guest number. Buying extra cards means you have to spend extra amount. Hence it is always better to have more than lesser. Before you get your wedding invitations printed, write a comprehensive guest list. Keep a good estimate of the head count and then say the numbers. On the other hand it can be pretty much expensive mistake to order too many. So don’t over order.

Too much or Too less won’t be too good

Next common big blunder is overloading guests with too much information on the stationery. Keep only the essential necessary information bits on your wedding stationery. Neither overload nor underplay the details as both will convolute the guests. Packing the invite with a lot of information on every page can be overwhelming rather than appealing. So, strike a balance between enough and too much which is really a tricky game but this would ensure people actually read need- to- know every detail.

Get your ducks (words) in a row

Another daunting task the couples would encounter is the organized manner of displaying the wedding details. That is which information should come first and which one follows. From the major rules like addressing the invitation to exactly whom you want to attend to even the smallest details like when and where to use zip codes on an invitation- wedding invitation involves following the proper rules of etiquette. So be a stickler for the rules to avoid mishaps.

Don’t go overboard with designs, hues

Less is really more. Always keep minimal decors while designing a wedding card. While it’s good to incorporate creative and personal elements in your invite but cramming too much of them will choke the aesthetics and gives your card a cluttered look. A motif or a logo or something else that goes with your wedlock theme is better than trying to fit every aspect of the wedding into the card. Simple, elegant with some classical touch would be a real feast to eyes. Vibrant hues may enthrall everybody but using too many colors can cause a glare effect. If the bold and bright color is your choice, balance it with something neutral but make sure the text is visible keeping in mind that it should be a spitting image of your emotional investment while making it subtle and gentle for the eyes of the beholder. Also, stick to basics and don’t fill it with too many glitters as it will deteriorate the overall appeal of your invite.

Lighter Outbox makes you feel lighter

Just not the interior but the exterior of your wedding stationary also matters. If a lot of your guests live in different cities say no to bulky wedding card box and stick with something lighter. Yep, sending bulky ones through courier really poses a big challenge as far as postal charges are concerned. At the same time a delicate or an elaborate outer box too may not be a good choice as it may not reach the guests in a very presentable manner given that the safety of its components is in the hands of the courier delivery person. Hence light weight, pretty cards is the best choice as it resolves both the issues, viz., safety and cost.