Terms and conditions of use

  1. Orders once confirmed with payment cannot be cancelled or modified under any circumstances.
  2. As a rule, we take payment only after confirming the availability of stocks. In the extraordinary situation wherein we are unable to provide the card selected after receiving payment we shall either request the customer to change the selection or ask for more time to produce the card or give a full refund.
  3. The burden of payment of local taxes like VAT, customs duty will be on the customer. We request you to please check with your local authorities. In most of the countries there is no customs duty for printed wedding cards bought for own use. The cost of the card does not include the cost of local taxes in the customer’s country
  4. In India, we give an invoice with GST. Please mention your GST number along with your order in case you want to claim GST refund.
  5. Although we keep reasonable stock of all cards, there is a possibility that the sample that you have selected may not be in stock . In that case you can select an alternative card.
  6. We reserve the right to print our logo, website and the card code in the card, cover and leaf. However, it will not disturb the contents of the card under any circumstances.
  7. Customization of card is at our sole discretion.
  8. We take every care to match the sample while making the final supply. Please note that there maybe minor color variations, change in the thickness/texture of the board. This is due to the inherent nature of the materials used for cards and cannot be considered as defective. Please be assured that we do have quality checks at our end.
  9. The cards will appear slightly different from monitor to monitor and colors in the monitor may not match the actual card. We suggest you buy a sample before making the final purchase.
  10. We take full responsibility for any printing mistake, if made in the final cards, after your approval of proofs. However, if there is any error, however simple it maybe, in the proof approved by the customer, then we cannot be held responsible. So please take sufficient care to read proofs.
  11. There could be some minor color variations in the printed text as the process is entirely manual.
  12. By default, envelopes are not self-adhesive.
  13. We always use the best couriers/transporters. We take no responsibility for the delays in transportation or damages caused in transit. It is between the customer and the transporter. We always ensure that the goods are packed properly after the cards are subject to quality checks.
  14. All invoices and receipts will be made in the name of "Lovely offset Printers Private Limited" which is the company that manufactures the cards and owns the "Lovely Cards" brand.
  15. The customer will get 3 free proofs for correction. If the customer needs more changes in the layout or add or remove text it will be done on chargeable basis.
  16. The whole process of printing on the card is done on good faith. We cannot be held responsible if you feel the card does not look like what you thought it would look like. This is because we always get layouts approved by you and the colors can be printed as per your choice. If you are very particular then the right thing to do would be to pay extra for printed proofs and corresponding courier charges.
  17. It is the responsibility of the customer to select the right size card. It the card becomes too small and if you need to put in a lot of text then it would be troublesome.
  18. On issues that are not covered in the above, our decision will be final. If you need any specific clarification on any issue, please do write a mail to us or call us. Please do not assume yourself.
  19. In case of design-yourself cards, please note that our responsibility is only to supply cards as per the online editing done by you. Please take sufficient care to check the contents before final approval. 
  20. All the transactions are subject to Sivakasi jurisdiction only.

We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time